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50 Great Cavas is the only competition that provides a comprehensive snapshot of Spain’s top Cavas. The ultimate aim of this competition is on the one hand to reward the best Cavas produced in Spain with medals and on the other to demonstrate to both the trade end the consumer that it is time to rediscover Cava and making it something we should all be drinking now.

The Competiton

Cavas are grouped according to dosage and ageing on the lees and then tasted blind by a panel of 4 judges. Judges are aware of the dosage levels and time on lees. After each Cava tasted, the judges compare notes and reach a consensus on a score out of 100 points. Gold and Silver medals only are awarded for the top 50 Cavas. Bodegas can label medal-winning Cavas with stickers for bubble lovers to recognise in store.

Meet the Judges

Click on the links to view the Judge’s background, comments and discover their particular favourite Cava in the competition.

Anthony Swift I Santiago Fernandez I Juan Manuel Gonzalvo Felipe Urbano Arjona

Resultado de imagen de cavas

The Results

Overall the judges found the tasting challenging, but in the end they came up with some real category winners. Each year’s competition throws up some surprising new winners. If you can get your hands on any or all of the 50 Great Cavas 2020, we’re sure you’ll be just as taken with them as our judges were. One of the most important trade and consumer benefits the 50 Great Cavas competition is the way it casts a spotlight on little known Cavas which wine buyers may not otherwise come across at trade events or in the local wine shop. Many of the medal winners don’t have the big marketing budgets of well known brands and many represent fabulous quality and value for money. So please use the table of results to seek out as many winning Cavas as you can.


Clos Montblanc Brut Premium95GOLDBodegas Concavins S.A. (Clos Montblanc)20176.10€
Cava Brut Chardonnay95GOLDVía de la Plata20178.50€
Mont Paral Vintage93SILVERRamon Canals Canals20178.00€
Vega Medien Brut Ecológico92SILVERUnion Vinicola del Este20176.00€
Cava Brut Coupage91SILVERVía de la Plata20174.95€


Cava Semiseco Coupage90SILVERVía de la Plata20174.95€

Extra Brut

Roger Goulart Gran Reserva 201195GOLDRoger Goulart200749.75€
Roger Goulart Gran Reserva Josep Valls 201392SILVERRoger Goulart201316.20€
Rovellats Gran Reserva Col·lecció91SILVERRovellats201237.63€

Brut Nature Young

Cava Brut Nature Chardonnay92SILVERVía de la Plata20178.50€
Cava Brut Nature Coupage91SILVERVía de la Plata20174.95€

Brut Nature Reserva

Roger Goulart Brut Nature 201495GOLDRoger Goulart201410.65€
Jane & Santacana Etiqueta Blanca95GOLDJané Santacana20166.25€
Brut Nature Reserva93SILVERCeller Vell20167.80€
Jane & Santacana Etiqueta Oro93SILVERJané Santacana20166.25€
Joan Segura Pujadas92SILVERVins i Caves Joan Segura Pujadas20167.00€
Pago de Tharsys Brut Nature Reserva92SILVERPago de TharsysNV16.70€
Brut Nature Reserva92SILVERFermí BohigasNV10.18€
Cava Brut Nature Coupage/Chardonnay Reserva92SILVERVía de la Plata20168.50€
Cava Brut Nature Chardonnay Reserva Selección92SILVERVía de la Plata201511.90€
Fuchs de Vidal Reserva91SILVERBodegas Capita Vidal201610.00€
Gran Fuchs de Vidal91SILVERBodegas Capita Vidal201617.50€
Clos Montblanc Brut Nature Premium Reserva91SILVERBodegas Concavins S.A. (Clos Montblanc)201710.10€
Pago de Tharsys Millésime Barrica 201690SILVERPago de Tharsys201618.76€
Caprasia90SILVERBodegas Vegalfaro201612.00€

Brut Nature Gran Reserva

Rovellats Gran Reserva Brut Nature95GOLDRovellats201317.06€
Lagrima Real 201595GOLDUnion Vinicola del Este20156.80€
Adernats XC95GOLDAdernats201535.90€
Pago de Tharsys 2014 Gran Reserva93SILVERPago de Tharsys201420.38€
Adernats Pur93SILVERAdernats201222.50€
Excelsior92SILVERVins i Caves Joan Segura Pujadas20149.00€
Fuchs de Vidal Gran Reserva92SILVERBodegas Capita Vidal201412.00€
Brut Nature Gran Reserva92SILVERBodegues Sumarroca201413.75€
Reyes de Aragón Gran Reserva92SILVERBodegas Langa201525.00€
Cava Cossetania Gran Reserva 201190SILVERCastell d’Or12.00€
Jane & Santacana90SILVERJané Santacana20137.83€

Brut Nature Larga Crianza

Can Sala96GOLDAgrícola Casa Sala200775.00€
Vinyes de Can Sala93SILVERAgrícola Casa Sala201345.00€
Rovellats Gran Reserva Masia S.XV92SILVERRovellats201029.76€

Brut Reserva

Adernats Brut94SILVERAdernats20138.35€
Cava Flama d’Or Reserva Brut Imperial91SILVERCastell d’OrNV10.00€
Ramon Canals Reserva Numerada90SILVERRamon Canals Canals201610.00€

Brut Gran Reserva

Roger Goulart Gran Reserva Vintage 200793SILVERRoger Goulart201116.20€
Núria Claverol Blanc de Noirs93SILVERBodegues Sumarroca201326.00€

Brut Larga Crianza

Núria Claverol Allier96GOLDBodegues Sumarroca201427.95€
Núria Claverol Homenatge95GOLDBodegues Sumarroca201443.95€


Vega Medien Rosé95GOLDUnion Vinicola del Este20175.20€
Clos Montblanc Brut Rosé93SILVERBodegas Concavins S.A. (Clos Montblanc)20177.10€
Ramon Canals93SILVERRamon Canals Canals201610.00€
Núria Claverol Rosé92SILVERBodegues Sumarroca201624.95€
Rosat Brut91SILVERFermí BohigasNV9.76€
Cava Brut Rosado Coupage91SILVERVía de la Plata20144.95€

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