Spanish cava wine supersedes French champagne in global sparkling wine trade

This one of the conclusions in the report on the global trade of sparkling wine published by the Spanish Wine Market Monitoring Centre (OeMv).08/01/2018

The OeMv report covers the evolution of global sparkling wine exports from 2000 to 2017 in terms of value (in euro), volume and average price.

The report focuses on the world’s top three sparkling wine producers – France, Italy and Spain – in the twenty-first century. Thanks to the Combined Nomenclature established in 2017, it has been possible to analyse champagne, prosecco and cava exports in depth, as compared to the other wines exported from these three countries.

According to the report, while prosecco leads the global sparkling wine market, cava (Spain’s sparkling wine par excellence) superseded champagne in 2017, exporting 156 million bottles(117 million litres) vis-à-vis 149 million bottles (112 million litres) of the French sparkling wine.

The report also shows a world ranking of markets buying champagne, prosecco and cava, and the price at which each of these sparkling wines is sold. In this regard, champagne is the leader, sold at 25 euro/litre.

A successful distinguishing feature of Spanish identity

According to the Cava Regulatory Board, sparkling wines with DO Cava hit a new record high in 2017, production growing by 3% with a 6.5% more turnover. The Regulatory Board has also highlighted the internationalisation undergone by the Designation of Origin and the positive evolution of the premium segment over the past four years.

Also, the organic cava is expanding. In 2017, it sold 5.9 million bottles, which means a 48.17% increase.

Wine tourism continues to be a key component of the Spanish food and drink industry, as shown by the Spanish Wine Cities Association (ACEVIN), which estimates growth for the sector at 18.38% in 2017. Visitors to wineries and wine museums in the ‘Wine Tours in Spain’ Club rose by 24%, yielding 67 million euro.

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