Wine Grapes varieties(B-C)

BABOSO NEGRO Red. See Bastardo negro BALADÍ White. Native of Spain (La Rioja) and cultivated in Andalusia, Canary Islands, Valencia and La Rioja. It is a grape that needs a lot of sun, whose clusters are large and compact. Berries are large with a yellow color. The wines made from this grape are pale with fruity aromas without much alcohol. It is often used mixed with other varieties. Also known by Baboso Blanco, Bastardo Blanco, Calagraño, Jaén, Jaén Blanco y Valadí. BASTARDO BLANCO White. See Baladí BASTARDO NEGRO Red. Clusters are small, compact with small berries, high sugar content and medium acidity. Also known as Bastardo (Canary Islands, Portuguese) Batardinho… Read More

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